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Residence Requirements and Registration

A RESIDENT is any person who LIVES WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS of Portage. This is not to be confused with being a Portage School District Resident. City and School District boundaries are not the same. A SCHOOL DISTRICT RESIDENT is a person who lives in the Portage School District. If a program is held in a Portage Public School and you live in the Portage School District, you will not have to pay a non-resident fee. If the program is held at any city owned facility, you must live within the City Limits to be considered a resident. Please remember that city residents are paying for these programs with city tax money. If you live outside the City limits, none of your tax money goes to support City Parks and Recreation Programs.

Individuals interested in participting in any recreational activities may register by attending organizational meetings or by contacting the Recreation Department at 742-2178. Note: Residents of the township of Pacific may register as City of Portage residents for the 2007 year due to a financial agreement between the township and the city of Portage.